Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Hi guys, welcome to my blog. I honestly spent a few days deliberating whether I should have a blog section at all as i questioned whether or not i have sufficient content to sustain it or whether anybody was going to be interested in reading it in the first place, however, I decided i should restrict myself to 3 areas to blog about. they are as follows:

Behind The Scenes

Some posts will be tagged as “Behind the Scenes” or “BTS” – these posts will talk about some of the shoots I am doing, the people, the challenges and how I go about overcoming them, the editing process and the final results.

Much of the imagery in this section maybe from my mobile phone and contain lighting setups to help understand how I achieve my results.

How to shoot

These posts are specifically for those with little or no photographic knowledge looking to improve their photography. The aim of these posts are to educate people how to get the most of your photographic equipment and eventually give people the confidence to move off the “Auto” setting and truly take control of your camera.


These posts are pretty self explanatory – they will be my photography related thoughts and goals that I have set myself.

These posts will document my struggles, successes, defeats and journey though this visual world.

Please feel free to comment, share or give me feedback at any point – Photography should be a learning journey, I do not consider myself an expert in this field, just a constant pupil.


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